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Pharmacy One, we’re more than just a pharmacy!

Pharmacy One is a pioneering pharmaceutical company in Jordan, having introduced the first and largest chain of pharmacies, with 105 branches located all over the country. Pharmacy One provides its customers with the most advanced and high quality services – unrivaled across the Middle East - through state-of-the-art technologies and convenient services. Pharmacy One’s specialized Training, Poison and Drug Information Center also provides free consultations on drug usage including useful information on how to handle drug interactions and poisoning.

In 2001, the first Pharmacy One opened in Amman, followed by the opening of its second branch in 2003. Further branch openings since then have resulted in it becoming the country’s leading and premier pharmacy chain, with 105 branches throughout Jordan to date. In 2015, Pharmacy One opened its first branch at the Dead Sea, as part of its goal to support the country’s underserved tourism areas and provides first-rate services to Jordanians living and working in the area in addition to serving visitors from all over the world.

Today, Pharmacy One’s vision is to rank number one among all pharmacies in the Middle East, North Africa and Arabian Gulf countries, and to position itself as a major contributor to the development of the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry, the kingdom’s fastest growing economic sector. By continuing to work with the passion and team spirit that got it to where it is today, Pharmacy One is confident that it will continue to grow and lead through its commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations; embracing the latest advancements in the global pharmaceutical industry, and dedicating itself to exceptional customer services.

Pharmacy One is well aware that its skilled and dedicated workforce is the backbone of its operations and the reason for its success. For that reason, Pharmacy One carefully selects its team and provides them with continuous, intensive training and development of their skills to ensure they align, not only with team’s personal career trajectories, but also with the company’s goal for continued excellence and expansion. In this way, Pharmacy One has succeeded in attracting and retaining the country’s most qualified pharmaceutical talents and now employs the most qualified experts in the kingdom. Pharmacy One is committed to applying the latest approaches in management and executive functions across its 105 branches that employ 1000 staff, thus making it the largest employer of pharmacists in Jordan.

Pharmacy One believes that it has an important duty, and a corporate social responsibility, to serve the local Jordanian communities in which it operates by providing essential services through a variety of health initiatives. For example, Pharmacy One’s free medical days, organized in cooperation with the public and private sectors, include the provision of pharmaceutical services and medical examinations conducted by specialized physicians and pharmacists in remote areas that lack nearby medical services.

It was based on this vision that the Pharmacy One Poison and Drug Information Center was established, the first center of its kind in the Middle East. The Center provides free pharmaceutical and medical information to all segments of the community, from public to healthcare professionals. The Center also runs awareness campaigns and educational programs at schools and institutions; thereby establishing constructive communication channels with the local community, and implementing its vision of supporting education, the foundation to enabling a new generation of young people to build and serve the nation.

Pharmacy One also supports students of pharmacy to complete their education through the provision of annual scholarships.

Pharmacy One launched, in partnership with Zain Telecommunications Company, direct sign language services at a number of its branches in order to ensure effective communication with customers with hearing impairment. This initiative, which includes a dedicated line for video calls allowing deaf customers to communicate with trained Pharmacy One staff, is the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East and is helping to ensure hearing impaired customers receive the same excellent service at Pharmacy One as any other member of the community.

Pharmacy One is dedicated to ensuring that all of its branches are ready to receive and serve all members of the community, and to cater to the specific needs of each. Therefore, Pharmacy One also provides braille-printed information labels for drugs purchased by blind customers to enable them to read and correctly apply their own drug-usage instructions.

As part of its plan to continue developing and keep up with the latest innovations, Pharmacy One opened the first pharmacy in Jordan with a drive-thru service to provide a quick and convenient service that is more accessible to people with disabilities, the elderly and parents with children in tow.

Pharmacy One Group believes that, as part of its responsibility  and duty to serving its country, it must take the initiative to ensure that everyone is able to benefit from its exceptional services, with no exceptions, as it is the right of every member of the community to receive the most advanced and excellent healthcare service available.

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