Our pharmacists

Our Pride . . . Our People . . . Our pharmacists 

Once inside Pharmacy1 customers will be warmly welcomed by the experts in the field: Our Pharmacists. 

Our pharmacists go through intensive induction training. This training includes several important topics needed to execute their jobs with the highest degree of professionalism and excellence, such as
Customer care.
Effective counseling.
Communication skills.
While on job they are continuously updated with the latest scientific knowledge through the Continuous Education Program, where pharmacists have to pass a specific number of credit hours of training yearly. 

By integrating their knowledge, skills and positive attitude, they provide all our visitors with optimal patient and customer care. 

ons and Customer's requests are efficiently handled, responded to and processed through the PH1 system. We also, take it upon ourselves to regularly remind our patients with the proper time to refill their chronic medications. By this, we help patients comply with their prescribed medications and enjoy a better quality of life. 


All our pharmacists follow defined policies and procedures to provide a consistent level of excellent customer service, and we make sure that we have enough pharmacists to serve our customers in a timely manner so that they are not kept waiting for service.

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