Information Technology

Advanced Soft:

One of Pharmacy 1’s sister companies helped develop a state-of-the-art computer software encompassing our basic triad:

  • Pharmacy 1
  • Our customers 


  • The PH 1 system embraces all aspects of operation within retail pharmacy business thereby supplying extensive solid data in different areas including: purchasing, point of sales, inventory management, statistical analysis, accounting, product mix, etc.
  • The availability of this data allows Pharmacy 1 Management to take fully informed decisions whenever needed.

The customer:
The software is designed to store patient pharmaceutical history and it permits easy and fast retrieval of patient’s information in any branch of Pharmacy 1. This software runs 14 checks on potential interactions and precautions and generates a label in both Arabic and English that explains to the patient:

  • How to use his medication.
  • Warnings are also provided advising the patient on any compliance recommendations.
  • on.

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